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The Wind Energy Science Conference (WESC) is a biennial event organised by the European Academy of Wind Energy - www.eawe.eu
The conference offers an open forum for discussion which spans the traditional scientific borders. Wind Energy scientists and engineers are given the opportunity to present their latest findings and discuss the challenges which they have faced with a multi-disciplinary community.
The conference covers all scientific topics in Wind Energy. Acceptance for oral presentations will be based on a peer-reviewed 1-page abstract. The conference is organised in close collaboration with the open-access JWES (www.wind-energy-science.net) and presenters will be invited to submit their work to this journal.


WESC vs Torque

The board of EAWE has decided to run a scientific conference every year, with the Torque conference taking place even years and the WESC every odd year. A main difference between the two conferences is that Torque mainly is related to technical sciences whereas WESC has a much broader scope, covering all aspects in wind energy, including e.g. storage techniques, community acceptance, economics, electrical aspects and policy.

Below, the main differences between the two conferences are outlined:

Torque                                                      WESC

- Technical Aspects Only                           - All Aspects of Wind Energy

- Full Papers                                               - No Papers, Only Abstracts

- 1/3 Oral & 2/3 Posters                             - All Oral Presentations

- Few Parallel Sessions                              - Several Parallel Sessions

- Even Years                                                - Odd Years